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Introduction to GITCT

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The Gwangju Information and Culture Industry Promotion Agency(GITCT) promotes the creative industry. GITCT promotes a vision for the IT-based culture industry and carries out strategies to create star brands and businesses.

Creativity is what makes Gwangju the number one city of culture and economics, and it is also what makes South Korea's culture industry the fifth largest in the world.


  • To provide custom-made, on-the-site service to local businesses
  • To establish an Asian network
  • To establish a marketing agency
  • To create a culture contents fund

Creating and Activating a Culture Industry Base

  • Establishment of a project base using CGI
  • Operation of a design and creation studio for culture contents
  • Hosting web animation festivals and contests and supporting their industrial development

Developing the Information Technology Industry

  • Local SW convergence support
  • Development of leading IT, SW companies, development and support for new technologies
  • Busness support (marketing/law/intellectual property/management consulting/Gwangju information technology exhibitions, etc)
  • Creation of an IT infrastructure and policy structure

Creating a Professional Workforce for Culture Contents

  • Professional workforce for CGI (2D, 3D, movie VFX, etc)
  • Professional workforce for the game and storytelling industry
  • Professional workforce for IT and SW
  • Special visiting lectures for professionals