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The city of Gwangju offers a rich history and a unique culture that cannot be found anywhere else. The region has long been known as the core of Korea’s democracy and human rights movement, but Gwangju is also deeply rooted in traditional music, art and food.

GITCT aims to use Gwangju’s unique qualities in art and culture in the development of the region as a Hub City of Asian Culture. Korea, known for its highly developed IT industry, has also become an entertainment industry leader in Asia. Our goal is to draw people's attention through Culture Technology, also known as CT, an industry that converges the innovative technology aspects of IT and the creative qualities of entertainment.

GITCT will greatly support local IT and CT corporations to create new projects and to break through the mainstream market.

Through this process our IT and CT corporations will become the center of Korea and Asia.

However, in addition to helping local companies, GITCT also strives to support foreign businesses through funding and production services.

It is our goal to lead GITCT and the city of Gwanjgu to become the center of innovative technology and entertainment development in both Korea and Asia.