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Culture content, Gwangju

Nurturing human resources and implementing projects on discovering Cultural archetypes,
digital content production project, etc, lays the foundations for the growth of the CGI
industry, the new growth engine for Gwangju's next generation, and reinforces the
basic capabilities of the culture industry. Their aim is to enhance the competitiveness
of Gwangju's cilture industry and make Gwangju a industry hub.

Creating a CGI-Based International Industry Complex

  • The promotion agency, together with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and
    the City of Gwangju, is developing Asia’s most unique CGI cluster. It is designed to become
    a production center of international standard with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to foster development and education in animation, gaming and film.

Culture Content Creation and Marketing Support

  • For content creation and international co-production projects, the promotion agency provides direct development support via investments and offers marketing support for promoting regional content globally.
    • Support with various facilities, equipment and production space
    • Culture content production, specialist training and employment support
    • Global marketing and export support

Creative Talent Establishment Support

  • Korea’s culture capital Gwangju, with its many creative and artistic citizens, shines in its culture and art exhibitions such as the Gwangju Biennale and other cultural performances. The promotion agency makes an effort to bring globally competitive manpower, and strives to develop an excellent environment for co-operation with global companies.

Creation of Culture Industry Investment Partnerships and Investment Promotion Areas

  • The promotion agency’s 2010 goal is to provide investment partnerships with funding support for content creation and international co-production projects.Furthermore, it has planned to offer various benefits such as tax reduction and exemption for culture content related companies by creating investment promotion areas.